Trinity logistics Tanzania Ltd understands that your supply chain needs are unique and that’s exactly why we’ve engaged the best minds in the Transport industry to create specific transport solutions customized to suit your ever-changing cargo movement environment. Our transport vans, trucks and trailers (closed body trailers, flat bed trailers and low loaders) from precision transport are designed to seamless execution, our dedicated cargo transportation professionals are engaged at every step of the way to provide you with the most accurate transport and economical transportation arrangement that the industry has to offer.

Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transportation and our Customs Brokerage Service allow us to complete the supply chain, cargo transit and offers truly door-to-door transportation service in the freight industry. Our optimized transportation translates to fast transit service and the door to door delivery of your freight on time, safely transported and damage free.

Transport integration with Customs Brokerage Service

  • Allows  Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transport Logistics to complete the supply chain and offer truly door-to-door transportation service in the market
  • Eliminates unnecessary customs delays, transport dispatch and improves communication between the shipping line, Customs, Client and our transport department.
  • Provides greater control, handling and security of your freight transportation
  • Full range of freight forwarding services are offered, including customs clearance, warehousing, in-bond storage, transportation, etc.
  • Customer receives a single itemized invoice for door-to-door transportation eliminating additional administrative requirements

Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transport Logistics can customize and design transportation solutions to transport your freight at the speed and ease. Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transport Logistics has been in the transport logistics and our transport segment delivers freight to numerous customers spread across east Africa namely Tanzania, Uganda, Northern Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and DR Congo.

We can combine the economy of rail transport with road transport handling for seamless door-to-door service and savings. Our transport network throughout Tanzania, Uganda, Northern Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and DR Congo and large transport trucks, closed body trailers, flat bed trailers and low loaders fleet are aligned to offer transport applications suitable for all transportation needs. Whether your freight requires rail transport or road transportation service, door-to-door transport, coast-to-coast transport, or cross-border transportation, Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transport Logistics is the solution.

Benefits of optimized door to door delivery and transportation

  • Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transportation is dedicated to creating win-win solutions by investing talent, capital, and transport resources.
  • Dynamic transport route optimization systems at your disposal to create supply-chain door to door and reduce transport costs.
  • The largest transportation truckload fleet and terminal network in the transport industry.
  • Satellite tracking on our transport
  • Modern fleet of transport trucks with an average age of 2.5 years old
  • One of the Safest operating fleets in the transport industry
  • Heavy and fragile equipment transported using air hydraulic low loaders.
  • Door-to-door control of transport equipment = less handling, better security, and increased efficiency
  • Fully multilingual experienced transport staff to cater all our transportation routes
  • Strict requirements for transport department staff and constant integrity checks transport and delivery.

Container Transport Mode (Container on Flat Bed)

Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Capital offers a complete door-to-door service for all of your container transport requirements. Our road transport fleet is comprised of 20 road flatbed container transportation trailers. We have the most modern container transport fleet in the transport industry and our container transport trucks are all equipped with satellite tracking, permitting real time tracking of your loads.

Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transport Logistics can also supplement road transport fleet with our access to our East Africa railway transport line. Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transport Logistics is capable of transporting heavy and bulk cargo on Low Loader, rail and can also transport transit cargo on rail and low-loaders.

Heavy Haulage – Low-Loader Transportation

Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD transportation Low Loaders comprise of a variety of unique low loader trailer configurations, Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Capital is still constantly engineering new low loader transport solutions for our customers’ Low Loader Transportation requirements. Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transportation Logistics is rapidly becoming the preeminent low loader transport provider for importers and exporters of many commodities, including earth transporting equipment and engineering structures that has to be transport on low loaders. Low loader as the industry’s most dynamic carrier, Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transportation continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, specialty operations to meet our clients’ low loaders needs.

Heavy Equipment Transport

Whether it is around town or interstate Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Transportation has the low loaders and heavy transport equipment to transport any sized machines. We have low loader expertise required to transport, arrange all the permits, liase with police, load and unload cranes.

Mining Equipment Transport

Trinity logistics Tanzania LTD Low loader transport offers transportation services for heavy equipment utilizing their low loader trailers and has experienced transporting a range of Mining equipment including Hitachi Excavators, Zoom Lion Cranes, Caterpillars and Komatsu Dump Trucks, concrete mixers, graders and bulldozers on low loaders.

Local cargo

Trinity Logistic Tanzanian LTD offers the fastest Local cargo service in Tanzania. This airport-to-airport service puts your cargo, envelopes and other packages on the first scheduled flight and delivers them to the recipient at the airport of arrival within one hour after the landing time. No advance reservations are required for this service.

Tanzanian Cargo provides around-the-clock Local cargo service with same-day delivery across Tanzania.

Transit Cargo

We strive to extend standard services across vast distances and through rough terrain all across East Africa. Our motivated staff and our expertise in the industry always keep us on schedule by rail and road.

We provide relocation and movement of both of bulk and containerized goods. We offer a variety of transport solutions, be it grouping or other transport services such as part and full load shipments by road, railways or a combination of two.